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AMD patients

Patients with AMD could achieve better outcomes with early digital home monitoring, according to a new study. While the condition doesn’t necessarily lead to full vision loss, it can have a significant negative impact on a person’s daily life. Here, we look at the findings of the latest study and how early digital home monitoring […]


Between 2020 and 2035, Glaucoma UK estimates that cases of glaucoma will rise by almost a third. Often symptomless, there are currently around 80 million people around the world suffering with the condition. The rise in cases has been put down to an ageing population. Certainly, it has never been more important to stay on […]

Cataracts and Falls

New research has revealed that older people suffered avoidable falls and injuries due to delays in cataract surgery. The pandemic caused a significant backlog in elective surgeries, including cataract procedures. The Australian study highlights the link between cataracts and the risk of falls, and the benefits of having the surgery. In light of Falls Prevention […]

Managing Dry Eyes

If you suffer with dry eyes, the summer months can either help or hinder the condition. The humidity we experience in our British summers can help to relieve dry eyes, making it more bearable. However, in some situations the summer months can actually cause dry eyes to worsen. If the summer months have caused your […]

Treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma affects around half a million people in the UK. This common condition causes damage to the optic nerve, leading to potentially significant issues with eyesight. Typically occurring due to a build-up of fluid, the condition can have a drastic impact on quality of life. While there are effective ways to treat glaucoma that help […]

cataracts and diabetes

Are you more at risk of developing cataracts if you have diabetes? According to numerous studies the answer is yes, having the condition does increase the likelihood you’ll develop cataracts too. To coincide with Diabetes Awareness Week, in this blog we explore the link between cataracts and diabetes. We look at what studies have revealed, […]