Surgical Training

Be careful with intraocular lens insertion

Argentinian flag due to overinflation of the anterior chamber

Traumatic insertion of capsular tension ring

Cataract surgery with previous radial keratectomy

Avoid placing incisions in areas of corneal thinning

Making sense of capsular tension rings

Insertion of injectable capsular tension ring

Cataract surgery in previous trauma

Managing the Argentinian flag sign

Placing the MA60 trailing haptic into the eye

Keeping irrigation on during posterior capsule rupture

Inside out cataract surgery in eyes with prior injections

How to inject an MA60 intraocular lens into the eye

Managing zonular dialysis with a capsular tension ring

Insertion of folded 3 piece IOL

Viscoelastic BSS exchange

Managing posterior capsule rupture at the end of phaco

Phacoemulsification after early anterior capsule tear

Managing suprachoroidal haemorrhage during cataract surgery

Rhexis flap turn over challenge

Capsulorhexis in a calcified capsule

Managing early rhexis tear out

Performing capsulorhexis in a moving eye

Performing capsulorhexis with a small pupil

Little manoeuvre to rescue a rhexis

Capsulorhexis with forceps

Performing capsulorhexis with a cystotome

Breaking posterior synechiae

Iris hooks made easy

Malyugin ring insertion and removal

Double rhexis for white cataract