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Sun Exposure and Cataracts: Understanding the Risks

As the days grow longer and warmer, it’s a great time to remind everyone that Sun Awareness Week takes place during the first week of May. We all love to bask in the glorious sunshine and soak up some much-needed vitamin D. But, it’s essential to remember that the sun’s rays also bring with them […]

Uveitis – Treating This Eye Condition

Uveitis is a condition of the eye that causes inflammation, or swelling, within the uvea. The effects of the condition can vary depending on which part of the uvea and eye is affected, whether it’s the front, middle or back. Symptoms can include pain, sensitivity to bright light, and impaired vision. However, the signs aren’t […]

What causes Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is thought to be the third leading cause of blindness worldwide, with an estimated 4.5 million people affected globally. One of the challenges of this common eye condition is that its symptoms do not manifest immediately, but rather develop gradually over the course of several years. As a result, many patients only seek medical […]

Motorists with Poor Eyesight Putting Lives at Risk

A recent study has revealed a worrying trend in the number of people with vision difficulties who continue to drive. Over the Christmas period, it was estimated 17 million motorists would be hitting the roads as they travelled to visit loved ones. Around 1 in 10 of those drivers could have been driving with vision […]

Combatting Myopia with Sunshine for Children’s Eyesight

Schools are being urged to allow pupils more time outdoors in a bid to combat the rising cases of myopia. Also known as near-sightedness, myopia is thought to be affecting more children than ever before due to spending more time in dimly lit classrooms. Over the course of the pandemic, most children switched to remote […]

Common Winter Eye Problems

Did you know that the colder winter months can play havoc on your eye health? Changes in both the environment and the weather can contribute towards a variety of eye problems that you need to be aware of. Here, we look at some of the most common winter eye problems, alongside how to treat them. […]

Better Outcomes for AMD Patients with Early Digital Home Monitoring

Patients with AMD could achieve better outcomes with early digital home monitoring, according to a new study. While the condition doesn’t necessarily lead to full vision loss, it can have a significant negative impact on a person’s daily life. Here, we look at the findings of the latest study and how early digital home monitoring […]

Glaucoma Cases Rising Warns Glaucoma UK

Between 2020 and 2035, Glaucoma UK estimates that cases of glaucoma will rise by almost a third. Often symptomless, there are currently around 80 million people around the world suffering with the condition. The rise in cases has been put down to an ageing population. Certainly, it has never been more important to stay on […]

Cataracts and Falls

New research has revealed that older people suffered avoidable falls and injuries due to delays in cataract surgery. The pandemic caused a significant backlog in elective surgeries, including cataract procedures. The Australian study highlights the link between cataracts and the risk of falls, and the benefits of having the surgery. In light of Falls Prevention […]

Managing Dry Eyes Over The Summer

If you suffer with dry eyes, the summer months can either help or hinder the condition. The humidity we experience in our British summers can help to relieve dry eyes, making it more bearable. However, in some situations the summer months can actually cause dry eyes to worsen. If the summer months have caused your […]