cataract patients

A new lens that can improve surgery outcomes for cataract patients has been developed in the US. Researchers have been trying to develop an Intraocular lens to correct Presbyopia for years, and now they have made a breakthrough. The new lens aims to correct the full range of vision, helping cataract patients to avoid needing glasses after surgery.

Here, we will look at the new lens being developed, alongside existing lens options patients have right now.

Understanding the new Intraocular lens

The new Intraocular lens is known as Tecnis Synergy and it combines a couple of Presbyopia-correcting technologies. These include extended depth-of-focus and multifocal technology. They work together to recover a full range of vision. It was created by Johnson & Johnson, approved by the FDA in May 2021.

In the study, visual outcomes were compared in patients who received a monofocal intraocular lens and the new Presbyopia correcting lens. A total of 272 patients were included in the study. It revealed that 3% of those who had a monofocal lens didn’t need to wear glasses after cataract surgery. Meanwhile, 88% of patients who received the Presbyopia lens after surgery didn’t need glasses.

This shows how effective the new lens is compared to existing options. It is an exciting development that could help to drastically improve surgical outcomes for cataract patients.

What existing lens options do patients have?

While the new lens is an exciting development, it is currently still in its testing phase. However, patients do have a number of existing lens options available. Let’s look at a couple of the lens choices you have when undergoing cataract surgery.

Monofocal – This is the most common lens to be implanted in patients after cataract surgery. This type of lens focuses on correcting just one issue. They are most commonly used to gain better distance vision. Many patients will still require reading glasses after the procedure.

Multifocal – One of the more recent types of lens to be introduced is the multifocal lens. Different parts of the lens feature differing optical strengths. This allows them to almost fully correct the vision. If you suffer from Presbyopia, this is one of the most effective lenses on the market.

These are the main two types of lenses used in cataract patients. However, other options are also available. Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Shalchi specialises, particularly in cataract surgery. In your consultation, he will discuss with you the different options that are best suited to your individual needs.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a condition that causes you to lose the ability to focus on nearby objects over time. Most patients notice it in their mid-forties when it starts to gradually worsen until you reach your mid-sixties.

The condition can be diagnosed with a basic eye examination and it is typically treated with glasses or contact lenses.

If you suspect you are suffering from Presbyopia, book a consultation with Mr Shalchi today. During your consultation, you will discover which type of lens is right for you. Cataract surgery is a common procedure, and choosing the best lens option will greatly improve the outcome.