Eye Strain

Could too many tech gadgets be ruining our eyesight? According to numerous studies, the worrying answer is yes. Blue light emitted from our screens is known to cause a range of problems for the eyes including blurry vision, irritated and dry eyes.

Here, we will look at how tech gadgets damage our eyesight as well as provide some top tips on avoiding screen-related eye strain.

How are screens causing eye strain?

When our eyes look at digital screens, they need to work harder to process information. There can be glare from the screen, and letters on a device aren’t as defined or crisp as they are when printed in physical publications.

Another way screens impact our eyes is through the viewing angle we look at them. If the screen is too far away, it can cause the eyes to squint and strain. We also spend a lot of our time using screens with very few breaks. For example, you may work on a laptop or computer all day, then switch to watching television at night, alongside checking your smartphone. This gives the eyes very little break from digital screens.

Eye strain caused by overexposure to technology is a particular problem for the younger generation. The US trade group, The Vision Council, have recently carried out a survey that revealed 73% of adults aged under 30 are experiencing eye strain.

Why the increase in eye strain cases?

An additional study found that eye strain became an increasing problem during the pandemic. This was revealed to be down to an increase in online classes for students and increased gadget use. A total of 941 people participated in the study, including 688 students, and 45 teachers.

It is no surprise that the study revealed an increase in gadget use throughout the pandemic. As the world shut down, our smartphones and gadgets were the only way to stay connected to our friends and family. It also forced more people to work from home, spending more time on the computer.

Eye strain caused by digital screens is becoming a big problem. Without treatment and reducing strain on the eyes, it can lead to several vision issues.

Protecting the eyes from digital screens

The good news is there are a lot of ways to protect your eyes while looking at digital screens. Some of the top tips to follow include:

  • Take regular screen breaks
  • Make sure you are using the screen at a comfortable distance
  • If your eyes become dry, use eye drops
  • Turn the contrast of your screen up
  • Treat any underlying vision problems

The above are some of the best ways to protect your eyes when using tech gadgets. Of course, you can also try cutting down on your use of these gadgets too.

If you are suffering from eye strain, it is important to take steps to address it right away. If you don’t, it could lead to additional problems further down the line. If you are at all concerned about damage to your eyes, get in touch to arrange a vision check with eye expert Dr Zaid Shalchi.